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Our Founder

The yearning for knowledge about the Supreme God brings the Guru into our life

Our Founder

His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji


Born on the Deepavali day, the Festival of Lights, on 3rd November 1956 at Arthamur Village near Rajahmundry in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India to the pious parents, Sri Venkatacharyulu and Srimathi Alivelumanga Thayaru


From the very young age of 23 under the guidance of His acharya Maha Mahopadhyaya Sriman T.K. Gopalacharya Swamy Varu

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A realized soul

Ignorance is a curse that causes sorrow and knowledge is the remedy for it. Learn from the wise.

A realized soul

He is reckoned very high among the monks of India and abroad as the pioneer and crusader of Peace. We have heard several stories and legends about God incarnations, Godman, and Acharyas in the past, but very rarely have we come into the living presence of divinity like, HH. Our Swamiji is a profound Sanskrit scholar, a realized Soul, an epitome of learning & enlightenment and embodiment of divine wealth.

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Jeeyar Educational Trust

There is a reason behind every Vedic activity whether we understand it or not. Follow as prescribed to gain the benefits.

A spiritual teacher

Jeeyar Educational Trust

HH started JET (Jeeyar Educational Trust) in 1982 at Sitanagaram, Guntur Dist. in India.


Later HH established various centers and chapters across the world with units in Hyderabad, India in 1983, Narayankund, Nepal in 1985, Rajahmundry, India in 1991, Chennai, India in 1993 and JET USA Inc., USA in 1994.

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Acharya is one who practices first and then preaches it

A spiritual teacher

Our Swamiji is ever cheerful, ceaselessly active and is unmindful of His bodily comforts but is always concerned about the welfare of others. Swamiji radiates hope and joy wherever He goes. His discourses are profound, given in a language even a child can understand. He comes down to the level of the audience, who is swayed by the rhythm of His language and are enthralled by the beauty of His diction.

From five in the morning till midnight or even later, Swamiji is busy spreading the message of Vedas, Upanishads and messages of great seers tirelessly. He never says ‘no’ to people who want to see Him even at midnight. He is unmindful when it comes to attending to His own needs but very active in attending to others’ needs. Such personalities are rare, and people who have met Him are truly blessed.

For the inquisitive, our Swamiji is an unparalleled spiritual teacher; for the intellectuals, He is an erudite scholar and philosopher; for all the suffering in the world, he is the ambassador of peace; for the grief stricken, He is an ever-helping and inspiring leader, an eloquent speaker, a reservoir of divine qualities; and a uniquely distinguished representative of world’s most ancient but ever fresh Vedic knowledge and practices.

He is the embodiment of rare virtues, an epitome of boundless love for humanity and a holy saint with deep intellectual and spiritual sensitivity. He shares a deep concern and compassion for a society which to such a large degree lacks real spiritual dimension. Acharya is one who practices first and then preaches it. Sri Swamiji exemplifies what He preaches. H.H. belongs to such a highly esteemed line of Sanyasis and monks of the followers of Sri Ramanujacharya, called Jeeyars.

Be in constant connection with God, in the direction shown by our acharyas; this enables you to achieve your goals effortlessly


In 2011, during HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji's Thirunakshatram celebrations in Houston, JET released a DVD named as "Truth". It captured the divine life and history of our acharya. Check out the 3 part video series to experience the divinity of our acharya.


We can conspicuously observe and learn from the various aspects of our Swamiji's day to day life and activities. Starting from His tidy dressing, His refined way of speech, unsurpassable perfection in the Sri Vaishnava mark on the forehead, the affection in the way Swamiji addresses people in general, the elegance in the manner of Him distributing theertham to the lucidity and potency in His speech that can uproot ignorance in the receptive provide various learning opportunities for us.

Swamiji is the embodiment of detachment and renunciation. He is beyond any influence of the material world and its properties, “gunas”. His presence permeates a strange feeling of divine happiness and peace in everyone around. Every morning, it’s an inexplicable joy to see the glowing face of Swamiji. Swamiji wants to inculcate in our people, young and old, awareness of our heritage. He is always on the move most of the time meeting people and listening to their worldly and spiritual problems. Devotees get relief by just looking at His radiant, ever smiling face. His cool look cleanses our mind and raises our sight from the mundane to the divine. Blessed are those who have come under the influence of the revered Swamiji.

We believe that through education, service and ancient wisdom we can have a positive impact on human lives

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