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We are all one big family connected by the one and only Supreme God. Support one another at all times, good and bad


JET USA has several locations across the United States. The headquarters is located in New Jersey and houses the Jeeyar Asramam.


Address and contact information

222 Dey Road, Cranbury NJ 08512

+1 (609) 297-8797



Sagar Kunduru

+1 (732) 668-9899

Prajna Coordinator

Giridhar Vedantham

+1 (732) 521-1190

Chapter Advisors

Sarma Allakki

+1 (609) 750-1143


Govindaraju Thota

+1 (201) 621-3683

JET USA has several locations across the United States depicted with their corresponding colors as below

East Region, Midwest Region, Southern Region and West Region

States shown in this color do not have a presence of a JET center yet


Click on the states that have a presence to know more about their center, activities and contacts

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