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Gurukulam - Summer Internship

Experience Vedic lifestyle and incorporate service as integral part of the life for the betterment of oneself and in turn the community you live in.

10-day residential program  (Open for All, limited to 80 eligible individuals)  For any questions email: 

Schedule       :  1st July  to 10th July 2022   

Location        :  JIVA Campus, Shamshabad (In house                                                                program and day scholars are not allowed)

Sponsorship  :  $750 per  participant

                          (includes $50 non- refundable registration fees)

Salient Points

1. Learn Scriptures and traditions – short term courses
2. Shadowing opportunities for high schoolers at JIMS (Jeeyar Integrated Medical Services)
3. Personality Development by Understanding Ramanuja Philosophy & engaging in the Statue Of Equality Project
4. Experience the Vedic way of living to appreciate our traditional way of learning, living and adopt changes in our respective life
5. Volunteer hours will be given depending on the activities participated during the internship.


Length: 10 days from July 1 – 10

Fees: Registration $50 non-refundable; upon selection $700 is due by the date mentioned in the confirmation email

Number of registrations allowed: Up to 80 individuals are allowed.

Registration selection process:

  1. Register by May 7th.

  2. JET USA Committee will review the write up in each application and select up to 80 individuals. Confirmations will send out by May second week.

  3. Intern should complete the payment by May 30th.

Age group for registration:

  • Balavikas: Entering 6th grade through 8th grade

  • Youth: entering 9th grade and above

  • Prajna training: Parents of interns or anyone above 20 years old

Cancellation: No cancellations or refunds allowed after the final enrollment fees is paid due to the availability of the seats.


Travel cost: Interns are responsible for all travel cost including air and arrival to JIVA(Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy). No shuttle service is available.

Passports & Visa: Interns are responsible.

Vaccinations: All travel vaccines are required before the travel as per the airlines, local country, city specific guidelines.

Health Insurance: Intern is responsible for their health insurance coverage in India.

Clothes are recommended to pack for all 10 days without a laundry service.

Bugs: Intern is responsible to carry their own personal supply for bug replants (body cream/spray etc.).

Medication: Personal medication is intern responsibility. Emergency hospital service is provided at JIVA

Check-in at JIVA: June 30th 5 to 7 PM

Check-out from JIVA: July 10th 5 to 7 PM

Internship Content & Activities:

3 tracks available. Each day is different with different activities. Get ready for physical activities and long days. The following is a sample of the intern’s day.  

Bala Vikas:

AM: Yoga, Key Lessons from Scriptures : Ithiha:sam  & Pura:nam, Temple Tour
PM: Gi:tha Jyothi - Personality Development – Charts and Learn from our A:cha:ya Sathya Sankalpa

Youth Internship:

JIMS hospital  (Shadowing Doctors)

Netra Vidyalaya at Samshabad

English Teaching Sessions to Vedic kids (TBD)

Ji:va Gurukulam at Samshabad

Temple Service  - Divya Sa:ketham, Know & serve your temple   

Environmental Services - Divya Sa:ketham, Go:sala, Statue of Equality

Teacher Training:

Key Lessons from Scriptures : Ithiha:sam  & Pura:nam

Vedic Traditions & Practices – Theory & Practical Sessions

Thathva Sastra Classes (Only for Prajna Teachers)

Engaging in Temple Services


Separate accommodation is provided at JIVA for boys and girls. Families who are enrolled for the internship (kids and parents together) up to 4 can stay in the same room.

No day scholars allowed.


Satvik food is served 3 meals per day. Food allergies will be considered at our level best. As a precautionary, each intern needs to check with chef before they intake about their respective allergy items in the meal.

After the Internship:

Each participant or family group prepare a report for Bhakthi Nivedana and a 2-minute video for JET USA Youtube channel on the takeaways from the program.