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Vira Hanuman Virat Sethu

Let’s together create a spiritual shield to fight against any sickness!

The mighty Hanuman bridged the distance between Rama and mother Sitha. He is a chiranjeevi, one who is alive in the same form at all times. His greatness is described by Valmiki Maharshi in Kishkinda Kanda of Sri Ramayana. Let’s take support of the same Hanuman to bridge the distance between ourselves and our abilities. These abilities will make us immune to any kind of viruses and not just covid-19!

50 Days starting from Hanuman Jayanthi on May 17th to Guru Purnima on July 5th 2020

Chant the sankalpam (sacred aim of the prayer) and the 5 slokas at 6:30 am local time everyday

Download the slokas here:



Write “Sri Rama” on your pulse 108 times (no ink, just write with your finger)


Put aside 108 grains everyday (rice grains, or wheat grains, any item that can be later used for your consumption)


Cook the gathered grains at the end of the week, on Saturday and offer it to Sri Rama and Hanuman and receive the divine prasadam.

Learn more about the Deeksha from HH in English

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