2 FEB 2022 TILL 14 FEB 2022

 1035 Kunda Sri Lakshmi Narayana Mahakratuvu

108 Divya Desams Prathishtta and Kumbhabhishekam

Prathishtta of Gold Ramanuja

Dedicating the 216 feet Ramanuja statue to the world


The most awaited Statue of Equality encompassing the greatest knowledge base, the Vedas providing a proven guideline to humanity will soon be unveiled to the world.

Ramanujacharya, is the pioneer acharya, humanitarian, social reformer, revolutionary. Statue of Equality will provide ways to learn, practise and implement the wisdom shared by Ramanujacharya for the benefit of everyone.

The inauguration event, Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi Samaroham will commence on Feb 2nd 2022 (Wednesday) and will conclude on Feb 14th 2022.

Here is your invitation ! Join us

There are multiple ways you can be part of this Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabadi samaroham. Please go through the options below and you can be part of this great event . Further details will be updated in this page at regular intervals.

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1035 Kunda Sri Lakshmi Narayana Krathuvu


The Yajna is one of its kind and will be the rarest of the rare ceremonies, performed as prescribed in Vedas with the divine wish of well-being of everyone. The 12 days yajna will be performed with 1035 kundas every day and devotees can choose the number of days to participate in. Devotees can give the details of the Nakshathram (star) and Padam (optional) and each day they can sit at the Kunda which is allocated to them based on the Nakshatram and Padam or any kunda of their choice. For more details please email to


Participate in all the Ishtis (activities) for the entire Samaroham


Participate in Ishti (10 days) – An Ishti is a prayer performed in anticipation of fulfilling a desire. The 12 days event is a combination of many activities (Unveiling the 216 feet statue, Prathishtta of Gold Statue and many more) and you can be one of the prime sponsors of all the Ishtis (activities) for the entire samaroham. For more details please email to


Donate As You Wish


It is not one specific thing but the entire event is so beautiful and blissful. Please find below a few ways to participate below, and choose any option.  If you are unable to choose between the options, donate as you wish and be assured that it is serving the purpose.

Service Name
Donation Amount
Take Sankalpa as Yajama:n at Ya:gasa:la
Offering Pure Ghee for homa/ishti
Offering Thadiya:ra:dhanam to 100 disciples during the event
Offering Deeksha vashtrams to a Ruthvik
Yajama:n for 1 Ho:ma Kundam/day
Yajama:n for 1 Ho:ma Kundam all 12 days
Yajama:n for all Ishtis
Ashtotthara satha Pu:ja

To learn more about other ongoing service activities of Jeeyar Educational Trust, please visit:

If you want to donate in Indian currency please go to


Call for Volunteers


“The smallest part of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” Any kind of service is great and we are thankful for your service as always. As part of the 12 days event, there are several areas you can be part of. You can volunteer your time and energy in the areas of your interest and skills and take part in this once in a lifetime event.


Accommodation Request


Please click on below button for accommodation request to participate in Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi Samaroham event

Ways to Donate

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In Zelle add as a contact and make payment

Please add a note stating the name, city and state of residence

Example: Yajaman for all Ishties-Statue of Equality-Samaroham.  

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Make checks payable to JET USA INC.

and mail them to the Asramam address


If you wish to donate to a specific cause please include it in the memo field so we can appropriate the funds accordingly

Donation Receipts

Our treasury department keeps track of all donations made throughout the year and sends out receipts during the tax season. Please use the federal tax id 36-3977444 when claiming deductions for your donations on your tax returns. For further questions about donations, payments or receipts please contact the treasurer

Treasurer:  Sunitha Manthena

Phone Number: +1(904)-207-2078



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