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The Statue Of Equality project is a dedication to the great icon of Equality, Sri Ra:manujacharya Swamy. He created ripples in the society 1000 years ago with His revolutionary thoughts and brought the neglected on the same platform on par with the elite when the society was gripped with social evils of discrimination.

Sri Ra:manujacharya Swamy was a human manifestation of the heavenly star who lighted the path of equality and devotion. Born in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, in 1017 A.D, He dedicated His entire life to reforming the minds and lives of people. He was a saint who propagated universal brotherhood. He embraced the downtrodden and treated them on par with the elites of the society. He taught that the social order is actually a moral order (rule of conduct) and the crux of all values is man’s desire for the better. He was the ambassador of Equality, the epitome of wisdom, an ocean of compassion and the most exemplary human serving as an inspiration for now and for generations to come so the world becomes a better place for everyone.

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