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Viswa Santhi Sri Yagam

The Power of Prayer

There is a saying that Prayer moves mountains. Prayer when done properly and collectively, the positive vibrations are spread throughout. Prayer sincerely done for causes of others is more effective than a Prayer for self. So, the Prayer not only gives inner peace, but also results in provoking the nature for good. Prayer always works because the one who receives is the all pervading Almighty who controls the world. The ability to run something is a masculine power so we call that power as "He" God. The ability to console, soothe, be compassionate is the feminine power. The ability of the Supreme Lord to yield to the devotees and bless them with wealth is called as "Sri". God can be called with many names identifying various qualities of Lord. Each form and name has a purpose. Thus, God becomes "He" and His compassion is "She". We always seek protection with compassion. The compassion has the synonym like "Sri" because the meaning of the word is the one who is approachable and the one who listens to our needs. Interestingly, Veda identified the Almighty, as the one who rules, who creates and who supports this Universe as a Purusha. But to identify, it clearly said in Purusha Suktha, “Hri:schathe: lakshmi:scha pathnayow”. It recognized Him through Lakshmi as His Divine spouse. So, the indicator for the Lord is the "compassion" and her name is "Lakshmi". The Vedic scriptures like Agamas and Agama Samhithas described the process of worship.

At Present

We are crossing through a tough time across the globe in terms of economic recession, financial crisis, and people are leading their lives in an unsecured manner. Nature is also showing her pain in different forms like floods, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis etc., To pacify the nature and to make ourselves strong and active with our duties, and also to neutralize the economic issues, it is required to offer our prayers to that Almighty through "Sri".

Fire is the power from within and also in the Nature. Fire is the one which makes all the changes in Nature. Even among human beings, if the built-in fire is burning, we can call it body. But if the fire is extinguished, we call it corpse. We know that the fire in some form is the main element in our body to preserve the energies. It is said that the fire in some other form takes our offerings to those celestial beings called devathas who are involved in running the various activities in this world. Invoking fire in those devathas, who play a key role in the wellbeing of the forces of Nature, affect the living beings in various ways. Thus, a proven Vedic system in which Prayer is offered to God through fire for wellbeing of the World has been chosen.

What and How?

Though there are different ways of offering Prayer, we have chosen a time-tested process that is recommended by Vedas, the "Havan" (Yajna or Yagam). Veda says that it is the Supreme God Vishnu, "Yajno: vai Vishnuhu" ,who is worshipped by all the Yajnas. Lord Himself said in Bhagavad Githa that He is the "Yajna". This process with focus on "Sri" is "Sri Yagam" with a Prayer for World Peace.

Human beings are born in 27 time zones. Each is called a Nakshathra, an asterism. In each time zone, there are 4 parts. Altogether any life born on this Earth falls in one of the 27x4=108 periods. So, we are planning to have 27 altars (kundas) in which each one is dedicated to one Nakshathra, and offer special prayers to each. If the process is perfectly observed, then the people born in that particular asterism will become healthy, strong, and prosper in the material life as well. That is how this prayer is called “Viswa Santhi Sri Yagam”, Viswa Santhi refers to World Peace. This will bring good to all humanity, in fact to all living beings on this Earth. In addition to these 27, a few Ishtis, to fulfill the special desires of the devotees will be provided. About 108 scholars called "Ruthwicks" are going to lead this mass Prayer activity.

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