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Surya Namaskar Challenge 2021

The means to achieve ‘Union with Happiness’ begins with practicing Yoga / Pranayama. When you add right wisdom to the practice, the happiness evolves to a higher degree.

Scientists of Vedic lineage, Rushis are masters of Yoga. Yoga not only strengthens one’s physical body, but it also evolves the individual to have a kinder heart! Collective health of the society grows! What more can we ask? It is the need of the day now, and it will continue to be need for the human kind forever!

JET USA in inviting you to participate in month long Surya Namaskar marathon, practice at the comfort of your home and be part of the team to inspire each other.

Date: January 21, 2021 - February 19th, 2021




Surya Namaskar Steps with Nama's



Q) When can i do Surya Namaskar ?

A) Ideally in the morning before or after bath. Ensure you do this before taking any meal.

Evenings are fine as long as your time between your meal and Surya namaskar are

at least 3-4 hours.

Q) What is a Surya namaskar cycle mean ?

A) Sequence of 12 step yoga asanas is considered as 1 cycle.

Q) Are the steps similar for men and women?

A) Except the 5th pose ( Sastanga asana) rest all steps are similar for men and women.

the above video's will show the variation for women and men.

Q) Do i need to make my entries in application everyday ?

A) Ideally it will be good to update the number cycles everyday, so we stay competitive with other participants.

Q) Who is eligible to participate in this challenge ?

A) Anyone with interest and no underlying health conditions which prevents you from performing the asanas.

Q) I have interest to participate but have health conditions not sure if i can participate ?

A) We recommend you please consult your doctor before registering for this challenge.

Q) Why should I participate?

A) Surya namaskar is an age old practice which provides comprehensive physical benefit.

Q) Can I do multiple times in a day i.e. morning, afternoon, evening?

A) Yes, as long as do prior to your meal or give 3-4 hours gap after a meal.

Q) Should I chant Namas along with each posture?

A) We leave this to individual choices.

Q) Can I drink water before, after or during Surya Namaskar?

A) It is recommended not consume any liquid during the practice and please give at least 15 - 30 mins to consume water prior or after the practice.

Q) What kind of clothes to wear?

A) One should be comfortable in the clothes they wear during the practice as it should not cause the distraction.

Q) Do I need to do it daily ?

A) Yes , If for some unavoidable circumstances you had to miss. Please Please pick it up the next day and don't loose the momentum.


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