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Sri Bhagavad Ramanuja Thirunakshatram

HH enlightened the crowd as to why the word  “Bhagavad”  is used as a prefix to His name. This is because, Ramanuja was such a great man known for his knowledge, teachings, actions, humility, service, commitment, great thinking etc and had reached an almost God-like status.

Acharya is one who practices and make sure his pupils also follow those principles. Sri Bhagavad Ramanujacharya practiced, followed and implemented the very teachings He taught His own disciples and devotees, everyday of His life!. He was a living example of His teachings and practised them first before preaching them to His sishyas. Being both God and Acharya gave Him a divine status and Ramanujacharya’s selfless service to society can never be repaid or forgotten.

Further into the discourse, HH spoke about life,other stories, various journeys, trials, tribulations, success & social contributions of the beloved Sri Vaishnava saint. HH provided the latest updates on the progress of the establishment and consecration of the Ramanuja Sahasrabdi 216 feet world’s largest sitting statue called the Ramanujacharya Statue of Equality. HH called for one and all to join hands in contributing and being part of this eagerly awaited mega celebrations, marking the 1000th birth anniversary in 2017.


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