Sri Ramanujacharya's 1004th Thirunakshathram Global Virtual Celebrations

Let us Celebrate Sri Ra:ma:nuja:charya Thirunakshathram with devotees globally. Celebrations from around the world. Let our homes be reverberated with Divya Prabandham, Let us pray with sto:thrams, sing the glories, dance to the glories, share wonderful pastimes through short speeches. No restrictions, everyone is invited to participate.

When: April 17th, 2021 starting at 3.00 PM Central Standard Time - 9.00 AM New Zealand Time through April 18th Evening ending with PST devotees celebrations.


Here are a few categories for you to participate in. All entries are requested as videos and due April 4th, 2021. Please check out the guidelines before video shooting. The entries will be reviewed for quality and unfortunately won't be able to use unless they are qualified by our panel.

  • Divya Prabandham Recitation

  • Stho:thra Recitation

  • Songs & Dances glorifying Sri Ra:ma:nuja:charya Swami

  • Short Speeches

  • Quiz in multiple time zones.

Guidelines for video shooting:

  • All entries are expected to be high quality videos.

  • Please take videos outdoors with some natural background like greenery (watch out for noise), or with a plain background, if taken indoors.

  • Ensure good lighting, allow yourself plenty of time to review and reshoot.

  • Audio has to be clearly audible.

  • Please use an angle where your face is clearly seen and you are looking into the camera. Following picture of His Holiness Sri Swamiji being shared is the correct angle and landscape orientation as needed.

  • To ensure quality of the content and presentation, we are unable to accept if quality and format are not meeting the above criteria.

  • Thirupalliyezhucchi

  • Thiruppallandu

  • Thiruppa:vai

  • Kanninun Siritthambu

  • Ira:ma:nusa Nutthranda:di

  • Yathira:ja Vimsati

  • Dha:ti Panchakam

  • Moukthikamulu

  • Sarana:gathi Gadyam

  • Sri: Ranga Gadyam

  • Sri: Vaikuntta Gadyam

  • Bhaja Yathira:ja sto:thram

Glorifying Sri Ramanuja Vaibhavam