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Medhavi - Make Good from Everything

As COVID-19 hit the world, many of our daily activities came to a halt. Unexpectedly, we were presented with a considerable amount of free-time on our hands. In order to make best use of this newly acquired time, our acharya, His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami has blessed the Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET) to launch the program Medhavi - Make Good from Everything.

A Medhavi is one who is able to take any situation and see/make the best out of it.

The program was created to bestow the youth with valuable skills and mindsets discovered through our heritage, and in turn, develop and nurture a new generation of medhavis. This program was built by the youth and for the youth; a new initiative from JET.

30 youth teaching volunteers and Prajna alumni, with the help of countless others, came together to create a new and unique learning environment for participants; redefining teaching through creative techniques and interactive online sessions.

The 8 week program, from April 12th-May 31st, was truly an international endeavor with more than 885 students participating from 9 different countries: Canda, Finland, Germany, India, Myanmar, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States. The program imparted knowledge to our students on various concepts, from conquering difficulties, to defining the role of teachers, and food in our daily lives. The program quickly became a favorite activity for youth across the country, and even the world, to connect and learn together.

Some of Me:dha:vi: students and parents had to say about the program!


“It’s super good and lots of fun”

“I liked how the content of the class related to my personal life at home and at school.”

“I loved the teachers and the way they made all the classes interesting”

“Best thing is that it is run by youth like me”


“This was a fantastic initiative. It was very simple but well aimed at our strong cultural values.”

“It was a great opportunity for children to get together and learn new things about our culture, and also gave strength in these testing times.”

“[Loved] The whole idea of older kids interacting with the younger ones about many important and valuable things”

“Thoroughly organized classes. Great topic teaching kids about important things in life and the role of them.”

“Youth can connect to other youth across the country” “Program is very interactive for the kids. I Like older kids teaching and engaging kids well.”

Drafted by Pranuti Kalidindi and Neha Bodanki, Me:dha:vi: program youth coordinators

Edited by Ashwin Chary, Medhavi teaching volunteer, Prajna alumni

Screenshots from the course content:

The final week we conducted a competition for all the participants and are proud to present the Winners!


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