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Is today's unprecedented situation a challenge or an opportunity? Is it possible to make good from everything? If your answer is yes, you are talking about becoming a Me:dha:vi:. Me:dha:vi: is one who does good from everything. Now, what can be good from this grave COVID-19 situation? The lockdown has given us more time on our hands to learn and to practice time tested concepts and methods.


Did you know?

 From time immemorial, for Bharathiya:s (descendents from the country Bharath) that for us cleanliness was front and center (arghyam, paadyam, achamaniyam). We abstained from touching/shaking hands/hugging (namaskara mudra). We provided for physical immunity through antimicrobial ingredients that are part of our daily diet that included black pepper corns, turmeric, tulasi, cow products (A2 milk). We provided for mental immunity - difficulties are part of life and so deal with them (thithi:ksha (tolerance) and amruthathva (success) concept in Srimad Bhagavad Githa) and we always thought holistically (sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu)


By the Youth, for the Youth

Youth leaders of Prajna, the education pillar of Jeeyar Education Trust, invite you to experience how a Medhavi deals with such difficult situations and make good from this time. This program is for children ages 6 and above to learn and discusses how to deal with difficulties and see the positive side of any situation. Through these sessions, children will interact online with a youth teacher and other like-minded peers to engage in fun, interactive ways to learn lessons from our heritage and implement the ideas in their daily life.

Medhavi is a new initiative by the youth, for the youth. Its structure is unique from any other class we have right now. Medhavi’s focus will be on engaging the children and providing an informal, fun atmosphere for them to hang out while also learning useful tips. It is not only to teach but also a place for them to discuss and HAVE FUN!

The program is completely FREE and ONLINE, beginning on April 12th for 8 weeks. Each session is one hour long per week and completely independent so students can join the program whenever they’d like. Click here if you like to read more about this program.


Registration Closed

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