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Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy (JIVA) Gosalas have indigenous varieties of cows. GoSeva (Cow protection service) Go:sa:la (cowshed) was started during Jeeyar Sathabdi celebrations in May 2009 and has now been regularized. There are at present 75 cows, 75 calves and several buffaloes, all from the pure native varieties. Donation towards protecting our cows is as follows.

Go:da:nam : $1500

                                                   Go:grassam one day to all Cows: $1350

Go:grassam to feed  a cow per 1 year: $1080

Maintenance of the donated Cow and calf for one year: $751

                                  Green grass to feed one cow for 6 months: $540

Gosala maintenance for one day: $150

Adopt a cow: per month  $90 

Go:pu:ja : $51

Adopt a calf per month : $45 

Gograsam for day: $3

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