Our Priests

Sriman Yugandharacharya Swami: a disciple of HH Sri Swamiji. He was the first resident priest of JET USA. He is an Agama scholar and the product of Sri Pancharathra Agama kalasala, Jaggayyapeta. As an Agama teacher he trained many students to become priests. In the presence of HH he conducted various Yagnas, temple inaugurations, Bramhothsavas and various spiritual activities in India, Nepal, US, UK and Germany. He was in the leading role of being “Yajnacharya” or “Yajnabramha”. For more than 10 years he has been at various locations within US center (New Jersey, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas) and has been providing his services to the devotees through our organization as a teacher and priest. Currently he is residing in Dallas, Texas. He also conducts teacher training for aspiring Prajna teachers.

Sriman Pavan Kumaracharyulu: He is one of the resident priests in our Srinivas Perumal Aalayam in Jeeyar Asramam in New Jersey. He is a proficient Prajna teacher trainer. He is an expert in the areas of Sri Pancharathra Agamam, and Apasthambiya Purva Prayogam. You can contact him at pavanswamy108@gmail.com

Prapanna Vai Sarada Sripada: Conducts Prajna teacher training to volunteer teachers all over USA. She gives pravachanams and conducts Parayanam on many topics.