Glimpses from His Holiness Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji's Tour

Sri Venkateshwara Kalasabhishekam & Kalyanam - JET Dallas

conducted successfully on March 2nd 2019 at Vandeventer Middle School in Frisco, TX.

Jai Srimannarayana!

The event was meticulously planned with JET Dallas leadership team leaving no stone unturned to ensure a flawless execution of the event. The excitement was palpable as a large group of volunteers gathered the night before, for preparing 108 kalasams (ornate pots), stage decorations and going through the program rehearsal of the next day's activities. The volunteers constructed a creative stage where a beautiful green garden was setup with real carnation flowers hanging from the roof, so Lord Venkateswara would be able to enjoy the sacred shower and divine Kalyanam outdoors!

After the Kalasabhishekam, devotees were mesmerized by Prajna DFW kids' recitation of Module 1 through 5 slokas, Adisesha Amsamidi (a Ramanuja Sahasrabdi song) by a few volunteers and a beautiful Kuchipudi Abhinayam on Lord Sri Ranganatha by youth volunteer Vathsalya Senapathi.

The presence and guidance of Sri Ahobila Swamiji made the event very special and JET Dallas Center successfully conducted their first ever Kalasabhishekam along with Kalyanotsavam with divine fervor.

Jai Srimannarayana!

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conducted successfully on Saturday July 7th & Sunday July 8th 2018

With the blessings and under the aegis of His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, JETUSA North Carolina celebrated 1001st birth anniversary of Bhagavad Ramanujacharya. As part of celebrations, a historic event Sobha Yatra / Peace Walk with Monk was organized in Morrisville, NC on July 7th 2018. City Mayor TJ Crawly and council members participated in the peace walk.

Another historic event Sahasra Kalasabhishekam, sacred bath to Bhagavad Ramanuja with 1,025 pancha loha kalasas. Devotees from all over the USA attended and performed abhishekam.

The center piece of the whole celebration is Pancha Loha Kalasam. It is specially made for this event and every one would like to have a sanctified kalasam.

Sri Rama Kratuvu

Sri Rama appeared in the lunar year Vilambi. This year being the birth year of Lord Sri Rama, JET is conducting Sri Rama Kratuvu at Divya Saketham in NJ asramam from Mar 26th to Apr 22nd 2018

For $51 you and your family members can participate. Register below by giving us your nakshatram and gotram

Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam 2018

Various centers across JET USA have celebrated Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam, marking the culmination of the month-long Dhanurmasam. Volunteers expressed their love and devotion for Sri Goda and Sri Raganatha by learning and practicing these pasurams (hymns in Tamil) with a divine vratham. Prajna families participated actively with their kids presenting wonderful skits, Kolatam, dances, dress their little ones up as Goda and Krishna, singing bhajans, and Thiruppavai pasurams. The newly weds enjoyed Nrutya and nada seva offered by devotees. This year with the encouragement of the Resident scholar, Sriman Yugandharacharya Swami, 4 new centers came forward and celebrated Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam.