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For Statue Of Equality

For Protecting Cow

For Tribal Kids

For Vedic Students

For Visually Challenged Kids

For Asramams

For Annadanam

For JIMS Hospital

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DONATION Categories

JET USA Inc. in addition to the local causes and activities supports all the spiritual and service activities of our parent organization JET in India under the aegis of HH Sri Swamiji. You can choose to donate for any of these categories or you can give a general donation.


General donation to JET USA will be used to fund any of our service and spiritual causes as shown below.


Puja items include flowers and items such as wood and ghee for homams. Suggested donations for puja items are shown below:

Flowers for a day : $11

Puja materials for a day: $15

Wood, Ghee for homam: $25

Statue of EQUALITY

The Statue Of Equality project is a dedication to the great icon of Equality, Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy. He created ripples in the society 1000 years ago with His revolutionary thoughts and brought the neglected on the same platform on par with the elite when the society was gripped with social evils of discrimination.

Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy was a human manifestation of the heavenly star who lighted the path of equality and devotion. Born in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, in 1017 A.D, He dedicated His entire life to reforming the minds and lives of people. He was a saint who propagated universal brotherhood. He embraced the downtrodden and treated them on par with the elites of the society. He taught that the social order is actually a moral order (rule of conduct) and the crux of all values is man’s desire for the better. He was the ambassador of Equality, the epitome of wisdom, an ocean of compassion and the most exemplary human serving as an inspiration for now and for generations to come so the world becomes a better place for everyone.

Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy’s doctrine of equality propelled His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, under the banner of JETUSA, to take up His life’s mission of constructing a Statue of Equality – an equality of gender, religion and race in the benevolence of the God Almighty. 2017 marks the 1000th year since Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy’s birth. To honor His contributions to society as a whole, a 216 feet tall statue will be erected and consecrated in 2018. This $150MM (~150 Million USD) project is being built adjacent to Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy (JIVA) Asramam in Sriramnagar, Shamshabad, Hyderabad, India

Nithya Thadiyaradhana (Annadanam)

Donating towards serving free food to people is a very pious and righteous practice. That is why, it is commonly practiced in many places widely around the world. Our swamiji followed the footsteps of Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji and other great acharyas in this activity as well. Badarikasram, Sri Rangam, Melkote, Badrachalam are exemplary centers of serving food (annadaanam) daily to people. We would like our asram in India be able to provide this service in the best way possible. Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy (JIVA) organizers are looking to enhance the existing provision and construct a hall that can serve this purpose. 21,600 sq ft dining hall in a well designed state of the art facility with stainless steal seating arrangement and the cooking furnace, utensils, trolleys etc also in stainless steal for easy and clean maintenance.

Here is a sample breakdown of the cost involved in providing free food

Feed 100 people for one day: $100

Salaries to support cooks $100

Provide dairy for 100 people: $ 25

Drinking water for 10 people: $5

Provide Groceries: $50


Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy (JIVA) Gosalas have indigenous varieties of cows. GoSeva (Cow protection service) Go:sa:la (cowshed) was started during Jeeyar Sathabdi celebrations in May 2009 and has now been regularized. There are at present 75 cows, 75 calves and several buffaloes, all from the pure native varieties. Donation towards protecting our cows is as follows.

Gosala maintenance for one day: $150

Adopt a cow: $75 per month

Adopt a calf: $45 per month

Gograsam for day: $3


“Srama” means burden and "Asrama" is a place that relieves one from the "Srama". Ego is the burden that is born out of their progeny, education, power and wealth. "Asramam" is the place that liberates one from these imposed bondages and provides feeling of equality. It was the principle of equality that Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy stood for.

Asramam is also a place where people with different backgrounds come together and live in harmony forgetting their social status. For example in Ramayana, King Janaka (Sita Devi's father) and poor brahmin students studied together under Sage Yajnavalka. At no point the kind felt that he belonged to a royal race and he mingled with everyone without any reservations. Another example in Mahabharatha is Lord Sri Krishna and his friend Kuchela were living together in the Gurukulam even though Krishna was a royal prince while Kuchela was from a very poor family.

HH Swamiji has established several asramams across India. With the blessings of HH we have successfully opened a Jeeyar asramam in New Jersey and there are lots of plans for expanding the asramam.

Below are the list of all the asramams under the aegis of HH Sri Swamiji

Sri Saketam in New Jersey, Jiva Asramam, Sitanagaram Asramam, Nadigaddapalem Asramam, Varija Asramam, Bhadrachalam Asramam, Badari Asramam, Hrushikesh Asramam, Srirangam Asramam, Melkote Asramam, Sriperumbudur Asramam, Karimnagar Asramam, Thirumala Asramam, Pandukeswar Asramam

Nethra Vidyalaya (school for visually challenged)

Nethra Vidyalaya is a group of institutions in India focused on providing value based quality education, technology assisted learning and self reliant lifestyle to visually challenged children. Our Swamiji's warmth and care for these children is the core foundation for an ever evolving, and ever improving institution.

It is THE FIRST institution in the world that has enabled blind children to take exams on laptops without the assistance of a scribe, thereby increasing the confidence in the children. 80% of the outgoing students have secured jobs and are leading a livelihood making their parents and family proud and happy. Our students have been key players in winning national level games in India.

Holistic approach allows our students to learn, explore, relish, and excel in many activities such as yoga, music and dance. Support from generous donors is helping us provide FREE education, boarding & lodging for these blind children from all communities irrespective of their religion or gender. Watch the video below to learn more about the Nethra Vidyalaya.

JEEYAR GURUKULAMS (School for Tribals)

Jeeyar Gurukulams are making a difference in deep forest areas in Adilabad district located in Andhra Pradesh, India where many tribal people live in small groups called thandas. Making fire wood, harvesting some seeds, working and living in woods is their lifestyle. HH Sri Swamiji stepped into these naxal infested areas in 2002 and took the initiative of establishing schools to improve their standard of living.

In 2004, Jeeyar Gurukulam, first school in Allampally was established followed by one in Birsaipeta in 2005 and the third one in Katarivaripalem, tsunami hit area in May 2007. Today, these places which were deprived basic necessities, have schools with advanced computer & science labs along with dedicated and competent faculty. Many alumni of these schools are now pursuing their college education in reputed institutions in India. Watch the video below to know more about the Jeeyar Gurukulam for tribals.

Vedic Schools

Save the Vedas! Only 12 out of 1131 branches exist today!!

Vedas are a mass of divine sounds that created this Universe. They are great treasures of knowledge responsible for sustenance of this Universe. Out of 1131 branches only 12 branches are available today and the remaining are lost. You can be part of saving the remaining treasure by studying Vedas or supporting one who is studying Vedas or help in preserving by printing the manuscripts. Our Vedic schools are the foundation of the future. Students of the Vedic schools are all rounders. It provides a holistic curriculum for all round development of the students in today’s digital universe.

HH Sri Swamiji has established 4 Vedic schools so far in JET Sitanagram in Guntur, JIVA in Samshabad, Varija in Vizag and Veda Bhavam in Karimnagar. Support the 2000+ students of these schools by donating to the Vedic schools.

JET Sitanagram in Guntur was established in 1984 and started with 70 students and up to 2000 students studied in this school. This school is currently teaching Pancharathra Agama and Prabandham.

JIVA in Samshabad was established in 2009 and started with 50 students. As of 2017, 171 students are currently studying here and this school is teaching Vedam, Vedantham, Pancharathra Agama and Prabandham.

Varija in Vizag was established in 2003 and started with 25 students. As of 2017, 10 students have completed their education and 26 are currently studying. This school is teaching Sukla Yajurveda, Pancharathra Agama and Smarttham.

Veda Bhavam in Karimnagar was established in 2003 and started with 8 students. As of 2017, 15 students are still studying. This school is teaching very rare branch of Veda called Maithrayini Veda and Agama.

JIMS Hospital

Provide access to affordable quality care to needy using integrative medical services

Jeeyar Integrated Medical Services (JIMS) Hospital offers state of the art services to the less privileged providing free medicines and treatment at a very minimal cost. JIMS serves rural population, semi urban population, children, women, senior citizens, farmers, laborers and low income group. JIMS Hospital is the result of goodwill, support and services provided by generous donors who encourage us to continue our quest to provide world class healthcare. Your encouragement makes a lot of difference to the people in need. You can promote the cause monetarily or physically or by providing equipment.

Guided by the needs of the patients JIMS’s clinicians customize the treatment based on integrative approach. This approach helps effective coordination between different schools of medicine to provide rational and cost effective results to a cost sensitive rural community. JIMS adopts a holistic approach to health, caring for mind, body and the soul of its patients. It offers comprehensive care to patients through its wide range of services which go way beyond primary care such as curative, palliative and rehabilitative care based on the nature of their illness. JIMS, like the traditional trust worthy “Family Physicians” is fast becoming popular as a go-to “Family-Hospital” in rural areas.

JIMS was inaugurated in February 2013 with modern diagnostic facilities, inpatient and outpatient departments. It has a pleasant ambience and fulfills the norms prescribed by Central Council of Homeopathy and the ministry of Ayush in New Delhi for teaching hospitals. It has received encouraging response from the community with close to 300 patients visiting the hospital daily thus providing ample clinical material to the students seeking admission to Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS) course.

The Hospital has 24 hrs. emergency services with an ambulance facility. There are two state of art, fully equipped operation theaters with facility to perform general, laproscopic, gynecology, obsterics and orthopedic surgeries. The hospital has both male and female general wards and special rooms to cater to all class of patients. The wards are equipped with modern amenities like central oxygen and suction facilities, double surface phototherapy and pediatric warmer to handle neonates. JIMS is an 80 bed hospital with two high-end operation theaters. The hospital is also equipped with a trauma center to deal with any casualties. We firmly believe in homeopathic science, its efficacy, safety, and cost effectiveness.